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A crucial part of any move is the proper handling of library and filing room contents. Over the years Office Transfer Systems has gained valuable experience and insight into the safe and efficient handling of these materials. Proper planning is absolutely imperative in order to maintain the efficiency of your library services before, during and after the move.

In 1993 we launched our library moving division to service this unique component of the business sector. Whether you are moving across the hall or across town we at Office Transfer Systems have the specialized equipment, the experience and the commitment to quality control that ensure the best results. Our exclusive organizational methods allow us to keep your books and files in their correct order throughout the transfer process. We can maintain this uniformity through the implementation of a triple check system that involves mapping and labeling of the product as well as consultation with your librarians and file clerks. We work closely with your staff to ensure that potential problems and delays are identified and eliminated before they occur.

We specialize in the relocation of:

  • Books and Serials
  • Documents
  • Microforms and Non-print Media
  • Artwork
  • Museum exhibits
  • Special and Rare Collections
  • File Rooms
  • Computers and A/V Equipment
  • Library and Office Furniture
  • Assorted styles and models of shelving

Other services include:

  • Consultation / Project Management
  • Space Planning
  • Reconfiguration of Existing Shelving
  • Installation of new shelving or mobile systems
  • Cleaning of Books, Files, Shelving or Artifacts
  • Packing of fragile objects
  • Storage (short or long term)

For your next move call the experts at the Library Moving Division of Office Transfer Systems. Go with the peace of mind and confidence that experience brings.

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