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We offer our clients, who are considering a relocation, a comprehensive moving package which allows us to be exclusively devoted to servicing all areas related to your office relocation.

  • The move would be individually customized to suit your specific requirements.
  • The pre-determined total move quote allows you to budget for the entire relocation cost in one sum, thus eliminating some unexpected costs directly related to the move.
  • The expense of your staff involvement would be greatly reduced, therefore freeing-up your employees hours and directing these hours to more profitable and productive areas.

Office Transfer Systems utilizes a large quantity of equipment that is designed specifically for office moves. Compared to most companies we can accomplish a move in less time by providing the right amount of properly designed equipment for the job at hand. Eliminating the need to take furniture off of a dolly and stack it up in the truck reduces the chances of damage and decreases overall move time.

Office Transfer Systems services include the following:

The 'Pre-move', as we refer to it, covers items that need to be addressed prior to the move to insure that the operation is carried out as smoothly as possible. We recommend a scheduled Pre-Move Orientation meeting confirming and if necessary clarifying both your responsibilities and ours as well as to advise your staff of move scheduling, our procedures in conducting the transfer, and to answer any questions presented.

Co-ordination, Scheduling and working with the buildings to keep waiting times to an absolute minimum. Constant On-Site Supervision to work with your representative. We can arrange for surplus assets to go to storage, sale of furniture, disposal or for the purchase of additional furniture, if required.

We want your move to be a positive memory, therefore we are proud to assure you of an "after-move" service. We provide this service with all moves. This is accomplished through either a telephone, or a direct contact meeting. As well, a post move questionnaire, with a return envelope will be mailed to you.

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