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Wouldn't it be easier and more cost effective if you could move your lateral file cabinet and contents, as one complete package?

The SPIDER CRANE® system can!!

Equally important this method offers TOTAL SECURITY for your files. This unique, safe and economical method of moving, allows your cabinets to be moved while the contents remain undisturbed and undamaged.

The SPIDER CRANE® system allows complete access to your files immediately before and after the move, thus creating less downtime for your staff. The system greatly reduces expenses related to moving, by eliminating the labour, time and risk involved in emptying cabinets, packing, labelling, and taping boxes, then unpacking.

As well, it is only one trip for the movers.

The SPIDER CRANE also decreases the number of employee injuries caused by attempting to lift overloaded boxes.

By implementing the use of the SPIDER CRANE SYSTEM, the risk of mixing up or losing the company's valuable files is expelled.

Office Transfer Systems is the first in Calgary and Canada to own and effectively operate the Spider Crane® system.

Move filing cabinets without packing? With the Spider Crane® system you can!!

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